I began reading The Fault in Our Stars approximately six hours ago, and I finished reading The Fault in Our Stars approximately ten minutes ago.

If you have not read this book yet, then I’m telling you now, GET OFF THE INTERNET AND READ THIS BOOK.

John Green has made me love him and at the same time curse his name. People ask me why I like John Green as an author, and I never used to have the ability to explain it to them. Now I can tell them that he delivers beautiful, well-written literature, referencing pop culture, at the same time giving you an interesting perspective of the world we live in, while introducing you to characters that you will love as long as you own a copy of his books. I can’t quite form coherent thought after quite a lot of crying (which I very rarely do, but he forced tears to roll down my face), but all I know is I’m going to read this book several times more (I generally read books just once), just to soak in his utter brilliance and the beauty of this story.